Extension Pack - Number Sense Activities (1)

Number Sense Activities for the Entire School Year!

This pack includes activities, games, and centers to cover your homeschool or classroom lessons for numbers 1-20 all year long!

Easily help your students become confident in their number sense skills while having fun.

Get The Extension Pack Instantly!

How Will The Extension Pack Help You?

For Teachers & Homeschoolers

The perfect all-in-one solution for homeschoolers and teachers.

No Planning

It includes enough activities, games, and centers to cover their lessons for the entire year.

Engaging Activities

With a variety of engaging activities and centers to choose from, your students will be having fun while they learn.

Build Confidence

Help your students become confident in their number sense skills. Build foundational math skills by giving your students the tools they need to succeed!

What Do You Get?

The 10 Number Sense Games Pack

You get everything inside the 10 number sense games pack and MORE!

Extension Pack - Number Sense Activities (1)

Extension Activities Pack

Get activities that cover learning and practicing numbers 1-20! This Extension pack is an addition to the Number Sense Games Pack that includes more versions of the activities you love.

BONUS! Number Sense Centers

New activities you can reuse throughout your entire school year. Keep these learning tools in your back pocket.

Instant Access

Download instantly upon purchase and start enjoying these number sense activities today from the comfort of your home!

Who Is The Extension Pack For?

Homeschoolers, Preschoolers, Kindergarteners, & 1st Graders

The Number Sense Extension Pack is the perfect educational tool for homeschoolers and younger students who need a more visual approach to learning their numbers 1-20. 

The activities, games, and centers are designed to be fun, engaging, and will keep your students with short attention spans learning.

Struggling & English Language Learners

These visual activities and centers inside the Number Sense Extension Pack can be easily adapted for small group or individual instruction.

The activities and games are designed to be flexible. Homeschoolers and teachers can modify them to fit the unique needs of their students. This means that the pack can be adjusted to the level of the student and provide the perfect amount of challenge.

This allows for more targeted and personalized practice for students who need extra help learning number sense with numbers 1-20.

English Language Learners

Homeschool Parents and Teachers

Take a Look Inside!

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