Welcome, Writers, Homeschoolers, and Educators!

I need your expertise, talents, and creativity to write a series of articles for our website.

What’s in it for you?

I care about my team here at Homeschool Newbie which means I make every effort for you to be successful as a member of it. 

I’m looking for a long-lasting relationship with you as a member of our team so I invest a lot of effort into training, guidance, and I care about your insights and growth!

Flexible work hours

You decide when you work so you can work around your schedule.

Work from home

All of our communication will be remote so you can work from the comfort of your home.

You choose your workload

I work around your schedule. You get to choose the amount of projects you work on.

Access to the latest writing tools

Access the latest AI, SEO, and organization tools to make your writing process faster, easier, and more effective.

On the job training

You get access to my knowledge as an online expert. Everything I know about SEO, writing, homeschool, online marketing, teaching, and business are at your fingertips. I offer live and video training to help you be successful along the way.

Possibility to advance

If you work hard and show your determination, I have more opportunities for you to advance.

Project based pay

I pay by the project. This means if you can craft quality work quickly, you can increase your earnings! I discuss pay with you individually - we discuss what you think your work is worth.

What will you do as a member of our writing team?

Here's what we expect from you.

Write Articles

Write quality articles related to homeschooling!


Attend meetings to touch base - mostly to see how I can help you.


I want you to succeed! This will take some training to get you up to speed.


Suggest your thoughts and creativity to our projects as a professional in your field!



Founder and Editor

I’m Anne, the founder and editor of Homeschool Newbie. I’m a teacher turned homeschool parent with a love for home education. 

Here at Homeschool Newbie, we help homeschooling parents go from confusion to confidence in their homeschooling journey.

We are looking to expand and want your help! I’m looking for a team of writers, like you, who know a lot about homeschooling and have a passion to help others make homeschooling easier. 

I encourage you to check out our website at HomeschoolNewbie.com and read some of our current articles. Here, you can see if our writing style, brand messaging, and overall mission is aligned with yours. 

What is the Hiring Process Like?

Here is the process that we’ll take to see if we are a good fit. 

Phase 1: Get To Know You

Ask for your resume & Sample of your work:

I’d like to see what your experience with homeschooling/teaching is like and a sample of your writing. I’m not necessarily looking for homeschooling experts, a background in education will do. I’m also looking for your writing style, voice and overall quality of work. 


1st interview:

I’d like to have a meet and greet via video call with you to get to know you and your experience with homeschooling and writing. Very informal, just a friendly chat!

Phase 2: Write one article

I will pay you for the work you do during this process.

Trial Article:

Once we’ve gotten to know each other a bit, I’ll give you a sample article topic and brief for you to write. I just want to see where you are now. I’m mostly looking for your turnaround time, enthusiasm, writing style, creativity in providing concrete solutions for the reader, and the overall quality of your work.


Review of Article: 

Don’t worry if your work isn’t perfect yet!  Remember? I offer training along the way and I’m here to help. 


When I review your work, I will offer detailed annotations to guide you to match our brand voice, mission, and effective online writing practices. I make this effort because I’m invested in your success!



You get a chance to revise your work and submit for final review! Wahoo!!

Phase 2: Write an article series

I will pay you for the work you do during this process as well.

Trail Project:

If you made it this far, congrats! Now, I’d like to see how you handle a series of blog posts. I’m looking to see if you can rise to the challenge while keeping up the quality of your work. Do you go above and beyond?

Welcome to the team!

You made it! Here, we will welcome you to the team, offer additional support, and now you can choose which writing projects you’d like to work on. You also will have the freedom to make suggestions on topics and directions to take the content. You’re now a valued member of our team! Can’t wait!!!

What's Next?

Thank you for your consideration and interest in applying to join our team! Click the button below to submit your resume and a sample of your work related to education. I can’t wait to meet you!